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I have played many a gig where I am exposed to the elements. I get lost in what I am playing, and hours later I am sick as a dog from sun exposure. I have freckles (even on my lips) and a sun allergy. Not only do I get a burn, I get a rash under that and spike a fever. Buskers and musicians that play outside also have to tackle dehydration. So, I had to come up with a game plan and an emergency kit. We will cover some areas one needs to look out for and I will also include some products I cannot live without.
I notice when I am dehydrated, I have horrible leg cramps if we have to sleep over in the car on the road. I mean really bad. No matter how I stretch out (and I can with these short little legs) I cannot stop my legs from cramping and spazzing. I make sure my magnesium intake is up to par. I do not like red dyes and sugar so I found this mix to be awesome. It uses stevia as a sweetener. One packet makes a liter. It is l…

Going Solo

I have played music from the age of 12 but I had not written a song. Why? Because I am accustomed to being an accompanist. I deeply enjoy being lost in sheets of music, hiding behind a stand, a part of the whole. Being in a band gives a sense of being in a family. Like any other family, there is comfort in being able to hide in it. I find playing and singing alone in front of people daunting which is cray-cray because as a counselor, I taught 4-hour groups in front of 56 people. Five days a week. No sweat. But, like many artists, I write from pain and tribulations so I think that is what is the difference for me. The transparency.

I already leave it on the stage as a performer. I get lost and dig for every performance...can't help it. To an empty cafe, or to a packed listening audience...I bring it. I guess I felt like I wanted to keep something for me, my work, my poetry, my voice.... While busking all over the country I started to see the bravery of people. Putting it out there…

The Great Pruning

As you can see, I like books. I really like books. This picture was taken 02/12/2018. I have out some knick knacks I like and even piles of books on the floor. It was necessary to break this down before I could get to my ultimate goal, less than 20 books to keep in the A-frame camper. 20 books may seem like a lot to keep in a camper...and it is, but then I love books. I will keep 10 in the car for riding and 10 in the camper. If I get a book, I give a book (Free Little Libraries will get a post and a place in heaven of their own).  


1) Give away duplicate books. 2) Make categories of the rest.  3) Think about what you need.

Be brave. It is hard to get rid of stuff. We attach so much to things, worth. My son gave me a stuffed animal I call Mochachino. It's a little anime cat. I am taking her. My stuffed Spock? He can be given to a kid to bring them joy. Do not be hard on yourself if you want to keep that useless item, but don't be a wuss and say you ne…

The Time is Now! (But not just yet)

Working as a caregiver, I see many a deep epiphany at a bedside of the ill and dying. I have heard over an over" You know, you get old, work hard all your life and its a shame you don't get to enjoy it" or, I thought we had more time. I find moments like these a confirmation to pack up my home and hit the road with my hubby. As for now, as a traveling musician (and already a minimalist gypsy at heart), we are downsizing so as to travel more. So that all sounds fine and dandy, but there are some practical measures that need to be addressed before you take on a minstrel type life and do not want to have to sleep at bus stops ( I need my a.m java, p.m essential oil diffuser and my air purifying salt rock..or someone will get hurt). So let's break down some dow and look at some areas that must be addressed for you to be able to maintain what you deem comfortable (and so you do not hit any snags down the road). Some people busk full time and live full time on the road and…