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Improvized sunscreen for the car

I have played many a gig where I am exposed to the elements. I get lost in what I am playing, and hours later I am sick as a dog from sun exposure. I have freckles (even on my lips) and a sun allergy. Not only do I get a burn, I get a rash under that and spike a fever. Buskers and musicians that play outside also have to tackle dehydration. So, I had to come up with a game plan and an emergency kit. We will cover some areas one needs to look out for and I will also include some products I cannot live without.

I notice when I am dehydrated, I have horrible leg cramps if we have to sleep over in the car on the road. I mean really bad. No matter how I stretch out (and I can with these short little legs) I cannot stop my legs from cramping and spazzing. I make sure my magnesium intake is up to par. I do not like red dyes and sugar so I found this mix to be awesome. It uses stevia as a sweetener. One packet makes a liter. It is like Gatorade without all the calories, sugar and dye. It is easy to carry. This box was on sale for a really good price. I have paid up to 8 dollars for a box before. 

This stuff also has magnesium but I do not use it as I do the mix above. I know a guy that takes it in the a.m and swears by it, but I take it at night to calm me. I find it makes me sleepy and kills the spazdic leg syndrome. It is not very sweet, I would not drink it for fun. It is pretty cheap. I got 5 in a box for the price which was less than a few bucks. It also comes in a huge canister. This can be used as a daily supplement or as needed (PRN).
These were new to me, I bought them just for this post. They have aloe and probiotics in them. The taste was good (mix well). I tried the yerba mate for a kick. I did not really get a kick but being a caffeine head, it would have to pack quite a punch for my tolerance level. I think with the aloe (an anti-inflammatory plant) and probiotics, I will be adding it to my arsenal.
I love green powders. Spirulina, chlorophyll, and grasses are so important on the road to keep your acidity level down ( there are so many fried and processed temptations). I know I find myself getting cranky and constipated (yup we talk poop on this blog) if my green intake slacks off. This stuff, you can keep it in your pocket. That packet is small enough to fit in the palm of my hand. The price was good. In bulk, though I always go with Garden of Life.

These shakers were so cheap I had to add them. It makes it so easy to use packets when you have a shaker and a metal ball.

Every time I go to a Natural Grocers, WholeFoods or Drug Emporium, I check out the reduced items cabinet before I shop. You can find all kinds of supplements you did not even knooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww you needed.

There are some other items I have to make sure I have before we hit the road. They are,
  1. Sunblock 100+ in a spray and lotion
  2. Insect repellent in a spray and also the insect repellent fan (Walmart)
  3. A sun hat
  4. Water in a bottle
For heavy wind, I make sure we have,
  1. Giant magnetic clips for my sheet music
  2. Glasses to keep grit out of my eyes (busking in Austin, Texas for SXSW 2018, I thought I was gonna dieeee!!!)
  3. One foot on my music stand, if I have one out.
  4. A tip jar that has slots to take in the wind and not blow over.
  5. Huge rocks at the bottom of the tip jar.
In conclusion, I have had birds poop on me ( I said poop..hehheh), rain comes out of nowhere and sticky-fingered toddlers try to touch my cello. I have been burned by the sun and had my fingers so cold it felt like the strings were going to slice them open.  I learned being prepared is the key. I have a "gig bag" I am always adding new stuff. During those cold months in the house before the season for going on the road comes, I plan and I experiment. Enjoy the journey :0) Viva la Musica!

(always do your own research in regards to your own health, tolerance, and allergies before taking any supplement or starting a protocol)


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