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The Great Pruning



As you can see, I like books. I really like books. This picture was taken 02/12/2018. I have out some knick knacks I like and even piles of books on the floor. It was necessary to break this down before I could get to my ultimate goal, less than 20 books to keep in the A-frame camper. 20 books may seem like a lot to keep in a camper...and it is, but then I love books. I will keep 10 in the car for riding and 10 in the camper. If I get a book, I give a book (Free Little Libraries will get a post and a place in heaven of their own).  


1) Give away duplicate books.
2) Make categories of the rest.
 3) Think about what you need.

Be brave. It is hard to get rid of stuff. We attach so much to things, worth. My son gave me a stuffed animal I call Mochachino. It's a little anime cat. I am taking her. My stuffed Spock? He can be given to a kid to bring them joy. Do not be hard on yourself if you want to keep that useless item, but don't be a wuss and say you need it all. If it is really hard, let people sit your stuff. I gave my mom some china back. She is holding on to it for me one day. I felt like I needed that china. I don't, but it means a lot to me. I accept that. Do not try to force a feeling. You will regret it. It would hurt my mother deeply if I gave it away. She sees the value I see in it by giving it back to her and I feel like I still have it. 

I removed all the knick-knack. After putting my plants in the plant room, I gave away some of my knick-knacks and packed some away for the base house.

My books are already in categories for the most part but I refined this process after the duplicates and live without (although are there realllllly books one could live without? Not sure...) were gone. 

So what I have left is like a clean slate library. I know where to find what I want. Now I can make choices according to my needs on the road

For step 3, I had to do some thinking and planning. What do I want to do when not playing gigs. Many of our gigs are in smokey crowded festivals and parties. Being a lover of dancing and fun this suits me fine...yet being an introvert it takes so much out of me. So I have to give back, rejuvenate. I do this in nature. So my most important books help me do that. I have my tiny bible in my purse. I am taking Texas Wildflowers, Coastal Wildflowers of the Northwest, Trees of North America, An Instant Guide to Stars and Planets and The Way of Herbs.  I am very interested (and a credentialed substance abuse counselor I) in the decriminalization of substance abuse so I will be bringing Drugs With Out All the Hot Air, to study. I am only up to 13 books giving me 7 more to pick before I go, or to buy on the road.

Notice the C.S Lewis has 4 books in it! Still I count it as 1. I wanted to bring Anna Karenina by Tolstoy but it is just so big :( I might bring a kindle for those. I am an old-fashioned chica. I like paper, ink, and dust.


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