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One of my favorite places in the world is the Korean Spa. I love the treatments, yes. Himalayan salt rooms, jasmine-scented herbal baths. All of these things intice and indulge me. But what I like most is playing connect for with someone who speaks very little English and me, no Korean. We get along with smiles and laughs and table pounding. The universal language of I am beating the crap out of you in connect four. I love that about Dallas. Yet in East Texas, I do not have the chances like I do in big cities to immerse myself in other cultures. So when we heard of the Turnip fest, I knew greens would be eaten (by me), but I was not prepared for the cultural exchange in this Deep East Texas Town.

 I bought these at a Bud's Snowball table. The snowballs were good, but these changed my life.

The winner to me was this dish. It was a wonderful example of cultural sharing. It is a wonton pocket deep fried, filled with greens, cheese, and ham. It is a southern version of a Greek spanakopita. I am going to make mine with feta and greens.



This wonderful lady donated to feed us after she saw us play music. Walk around and have fun after your set. I know you are tired. I was ready to die in that heat, but after some snowcones and greens, I was ready to be a social butterfly. Especially when busking, you may find vendors wanting to show their appreciation with free stuff/low prices. Exchange cards and chat about vending. I would wait till after playing though.


We went all around the fest. We tried like 4 different kinds of greens 2 kinds of snow cones and I bought my mom some teacakes. The old-fashioned kind. I chatted with people about their pretty babies, the heat, their homes, and that is what it is all about. The uncovering of smokescreen divisions to what it is to be a human being on this awesome rock, created by a loving God. Le sighhhhh, I had so much fun. They also had a cooling trailer for everyone to use. I would suggest you bring containers so you can take stuff n the road with you. 


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