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POEM: Misplaced Melodies

Misplaced Melodies

I cannot place my finger upon it
That tune that has plagued me,
And that is what drives me mad
Trying to recall a forgotten song
Trying to forget a mistaken melody

Cupping my hand to my ear
To catch the stars singing
Straining my eyes,
To see what purple the moon makes
When it kisses the edge of a cloud

And it aches my heart,
So, I catch my breath,
And I double back,
Then I surge ahead

All for naught,
For I know how the song will end
though I have yet to play it through

My eyes, on a sky I cannot reach
My feet, in soil so rich I cannot help but bloom
My mind, twirling in circles
And my heart singing so,
as to put the stars to shame

copyright 2018


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At night, when my wings are laid to rest And my love and I prepare for the little death, (The one that has hope of morning light on soft brown skin), I chatter like a child and place my head upon his chest
And there is joy and expectation, for one day We will be planted in the earth like seeds Our bodies laid side by side he and I In the land his ancestors plowed Proudly put an X on the deed (Pride of ownership far outweighing the shame of illiteracy),
My love and I will wait, we, Will wake to true light Every tear, every tear Ever shed, consoled Truth and light Maranatha

Copyright 2018


Little Sparrow Little Sister Never Lost Always on your way to somewhere
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From Bearer of the Caul* TheMiniTroubadoura (UJ) 2017


Nights like these When I still wore plats I would have taken to the streets Not for some illicit scavenger hunt Not for the sake, of stirring the pot     
No, just to feel this mist upon my skin,  and this wind whisper in my ear                                             As it is, I find reasons to go outside The trash must go out I must purchase candles and condensed soup My, these doormats need a sweeping Such matronly neglect shall not go unnoticed I must stay out a little longer...... And gulp the air as if I am suffocating For I am suffocating, at times On nights like these When my soul swells as if to burst From the beauty of it all From the sheer ugliness of it all Oh, life is hard when hearts are soft Steals the very breathe from us Reason brings callouses To the budding of dreams And rain weakens roots So, I must tend to these weeds As if it is sane to garden At 1 am in the rain
Minitroubadoura 2018