POEM: Misplaced Melodies

Misplaced Melodies

I cannot place my finger upon it
That tune that has plagued me,
And that is what drives me mad
Trying to recall a forgotten song
Trying to forget a mistaken melody

Cupping my hand to my ear
To catch the stars singing
Straining my eyes,
To see what purple the moon makes
When it kisses the edge of a cloud

And it aches my heart,
So, I catch my breath,
And I double back,
Then I surge ahead

All for naught,
For I know how the song will end
though I have yet to play it through

My eyes, on a sky I cannot reach
My feet, in soil so rich I cannot help but bloom
My mind, twirling in circles
And my heart singing so,
as to put the stars to shame

copyright 2018


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