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Little Free Library (Sharing is Caring) How to find them. How to create one. How to enjoy one.

Using Little Free Libraries As A Way To Interact With Other Readers

Book Share Station provided by the city of Saint Louis. MO.2018*Photo by TheMiniTroubadoura

Use Them To Pack Light And Read Heavy

While on my travels, I found Little Free Libraries to be little miracles. I can leave my house with 4 books, (two to read and two to give) and return home having read 10 and have 4 new books for my collection. I still would of have been able to give 4 books away to others that share a love of reading. I have read cute little messages in them and even found bookmarks left for someone to enjoy. Something I love to do is get free bookmarks from libraries from one state, and leave them in a book in another state, for another person. 

Tacoma, WA* Photo by Minitroubadoura 2018

Free Little Libraries Can Be A Legacy And A Way To Remember A Loved One

I am a part of the facebook group for the LFL. There, people share the new libraries they have registered. Sometimes they also speak of the loved one they created the library for. Families, clubs, and churches use it as a project.

Homeschoolers, this is a wonderful chance to connect with other homeschooling homes. You can create a graph and allow your pupils to generate graphs relating to your library detailing genres of most interest and track inventory. 

If you are interested in starting a Free Little Library of your own, click below.

LFL Ruston, Washington 2018* Photo by MiniTroubadoura

Start My Own Library!

This will take you through the steps. It may take some start-up cash, but not much to create something that will be a priceless piece of your community and others. I have taken detours to a city while traveling just to hit a LFL and leave a book, take a book.  Please visit the official website to see updates on fees. If you feel ready to go, here are the steps:

  1. Build or Buy your little Library (click here to shop or see items to get ideas and build)
  2. Get registered with free little libraries (click here) they will give you a charter number and an official sign for your library.
  3. Fill it with lovely books!
  4. Now you can add your LFL to the map with your charter number (click here)


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