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Galveston Beach Camping 

Or what to do when the campsite's full

Do not freak out, I gotcha covered

We had planned this trip. Or so I thought. I had taken every little consideration accept for reserving our spot. We never really know where we will end up when chasing gigs. I found that you cannot reserve some camp spots same day over the phone with the gov'ment (not a typo) and things can fill up reallllllllllllllll fast. 

Now I am not going to steer you wrong, but this may be illegal. 

A ranger told us to go and camp on the beach overnight, just go do it. Well, I have a fear of this for when we were in Corpus Christi a few years ago camping at a site, a couple on the beach were ran over in their little tent by drunk assholes driving around on the beach. Plus I do not like sand fleas in my hair. So what is a girl to do? May I introduce the newest innovation in camping science..

Blooming Cactus Galveston Beach State Park


No lie.  I slept on the top of the car at the beach. We strapped an air mattress to the roof and I awoke to shooting stars and a full moon on the water. Beautiful.......

If that is not your thing, I suggest calling the site first to reserve a spot. Most sites want a 24-hour notice so be sure to plan ahead. 

I really enjoyed this spot. 


We also ran into a snag when all the parking was taken. So we parked our car at a spot that had free parking and rode down to the beach on our bikes.

Just be felxible and able to plan ahead. 


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